Paying a Toll Notice

Refer to the top of your toll notice to check which toll road has issued the notice. Then choose the toll road from the list below to go to the relevant online toll notice payment tool.

Hills M2

Lane Cove Tunnel

Military Rd E-Ramp

Eastern Distributor

Cross City Tunnel

Want to save money?

Open an e-TAG account and use it to pay up to 20 outstanding Toll Notices. This offer is valid for Toll Notices that are up to 2 years old. Instead of the toll notice admin fee of $10 (for a first notice) or $20 (for a follow up notice), you'll pay as little as $1.10 or $2.20.

To redeem this offer:
  1. Open a Roam Express e-TAG account online
  2. Once you've received your e-TAG in the mail, Search for outstanding Toll Notices and;
  3. Select Charge these trips to my tag account. Use your account number and e-TAG number to complete the form.

Other Toll Roads