If you use toll roads regularly, an e-TAG account is the way to go. It's a convenient and low-cost way to travel on any toll road in Australia.

  • Choose a $40 refundable e-TAG deposit or $0.90 monthly rental fee
  • No account admin fee 
  • Pay with credit card, direct debit or BPAY ($20 minimum top up)
  • Choose automatic top-ups for maximum convenience
  • Unlimited vehicles on one account
  • Eligible for M5 Cashback


Arrive sooner and save on additional fees


Let’s say you travel from Bella Vista to North Ryde once a week to visit your parents. Travelling on the Hills M2 toll road with an e-TAG account means you could save over an hour on the return journey.

It's the convenient and low-cost way to spend less time in traffic and more time on the things that really matter.

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