The Cross City Tunnel runs for 2.1 km and gives airport travellers speedy access to the CBD and Darling Harbour. Take the tunnel to bypass 18 sets of traffic lights and avoid inner-city congestion.

The Cross City Tunnel is electronically tolled with no cash tollbooths. To pay for your travel, open an e-TAG account or buy a pass.

Download the Cross City Tunnel map

Entries and exits

Eastbound Entry Exit
Western Distributor, Sydney Yes No
Harbour Street, Sydney Yes No
Eastern Distributor, Woolloomooloo No Yes
New South Head Road, Rushcutters Bay No Yes


Westbound Entry Exit
New South Head Road, Rushcutters Bay Yes No
Eastern Distributor, Woolloomooloo Yes No
Sir John Young Crescent No Yes
Sir John Young Crescent, Woolloomoolo No Yes
Harbour Street, Sydney No Yes
Western Distributor, Sydney No Yes

Tunnel safety

The Cross City Tunnel clearance height is 4.4 m. Do not enter the tunnel if you are driving an over-height vehicle and observe roadside signs for the alternative route provided.

NSW Health advises that closing your windows and switching your vehicle ventilation to re-circulate will further reduce your exposure to vehicle emissions. These benefits can be achieved whether or not your air conditioning system is in use.