At Roam Express, we’re driven to provide you with a great experience whether you’re travelling on our roads, managing your account online, or connecting with us over the phone. That’s why we work hard to ensure that we keep you moving and help you keep your account in order.

Our ongoing focus and commitment to customer service is supported throughout our business and particularly our call centre:


"The agents were very helpful. Their customer service and willingness to help was excellent and I would like to thank them personally.”


“The staff member was polite and informed, it made my experience very speedy and pleasant, and I was not kept waiting when I rang it was answered in a short time, which is excellent!”


“It was very easy because the staff member understood my request and was clear with his answers and was very pleasant to speak to.”

Yearly check-up

Every year we check in with you to see what’s changed to ensure your account’s up to date. If you’ve bought a car, moved house or changed your credit card, keep us in the know.

Log into your account to update your details, it’s never been easier to manage your account on the go. 


Stepping up customer contacts

If we identify an issue on your account, we’ll do whatever we can to reach you whether by SMS, email, phone or post.

By ensuring your details are up to date, we can get in touch easily.



Accessing accounts on the go

We’ve recognised that many of our customers access their accounts online, so we’ve upgraded the online account manager, and refreshed our website, to provide you with a simpler, more intuitive, experience.

“Great service - easy website to use - well done!”


Preventing avoidable fees

The easiest and most affordable way to travel is to open an account. If you have travelled without an account and received a toll notice, open an account, transfer your toll notice and we’ll waive the toll notice fee.




Received a toll invoice

Open an account and we’ll waive the toll invoice admin fee.

Existing account holder?

We’ll waive the toll invoice admin fee if this is your first time, as part of our First-Time Forgiveness program* designed to help you if you’ve inadvertently made a mistake with your account details or payment.

*Terms and conditions apply


More ways to pay

The vast majority of customers who travel on our roads pay for their trip on time, and we provide multiple opportunities for the remaining travellers to settle unpaid tolls before they escalate. 

Pay online, over the phone or in person at one of more than 940 participating retailers in New South Wales or 3,000 outlets nationally.


Financial hardship policy

For customers wanting to do the right thing but are going through a difficult time, we do everything we can to help you repay any unpaid tolls and get you back on track, as per our hardship policy

"Consultant listened actively to my concerns and dealt directly with the issue and was also compassionate to my individual situation."

*Call centre statistics based on data from November 2016 to January 2017